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Thread: White Water Inflatables, anybody else using one?

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    Default White Water Inflatables, anybody else using one?

    Hi All, the wife and I had a great weekend on the Dee and the Trywerren paddling our Gumotex K2. The K2 is rated up to class 4 so we braved it and had a run through the Serpents Tail, and survived, and I did a solo decent of Bala Mills in the K2 as well.The only thing is, it's quite lonely out there, and then there's the gentle humour from the solids " Hello Ducky ".
    As in the title, it would be nice to hook up with some other like minded people who were up for some Grade 2/3 fun runs in the south of the country.

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    So, to answer to my own question it's seems I am the only one out there in an inflatable white water kayak, no wonder it's lonely Still more room for us I suppose.
    Were hoping to be brave enough to try the Dart loop this winter, we did the lower Dart a couple of times, so it's a step up for us. Hope to see some of you out there, give us a " Hello Ducky ", if you see us, and you can't miss us, a bright red out of control "bouncy castle" coming at you.

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    I wouldn't worry about it, who cares what you're paddlin' if you're enjoying yourselves. And it is an open canoe biased website I guess, and maybe this means we're all jealous of the G4 capability of your bouncy castle!

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    If you’re on Facebook look up WW canoe group .. lot of WW canoeing going on .. introduce yourself you’ll soon find folk to Paddle with .. I personally wouldn’t have a problem boating with folk in quality inflatables like you own we have in the past
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