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Thread: First attempt at self build in the planning stage

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    Default First attempt at self build in the planning stage

    So as the title says, I'm in the planning stage of my first build attempt. I'm looking at a ply build and I'm settling on the Canadian Canoe labelled kit04 at Epoxy resins: (Hope links are ok for context). My reason for this as opposed to a kit build is that a) I can spread the cost and b) even though it's more work, if I can't cut a few pieces of ply with a jigsaw I've got no business building a canoe. I'm just wondering has anyone dealt with this company before I give them 150 of my hard earned cash?

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    That's where the epoxy, filler and glass came from that we used when I built my Peterborough.

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    Cool. I've got plans from Selway Fisher for the 14' Raven so I'll order my epoxy from them

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