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    My wife went to Nairobi to volunteer for a couple of weeks this summer and (home) cooking was mainly done on a Jiko, but they also provide a basic form of heating (Nairobi is cool in our summertime). Knowing my love of outdoor cooking she bought me one and an alu pot to go on top.

    The reason these are used over there is to improve health by burning wood/charcoal better and to cut down on fuel consumption which slows deforestation and is cheaper to the households. Unfortunately I haven`t been able to try it out but others have used theirs as most of the group bought one and put it in their luggage and every single one came back in one piece!

    If you want to make one yourself the plans are online and a useful video on how to make them is below (hopefully), happy camping

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    that's neat. the ceramic bowl is a nice feature. maybe not for the ultra light/ultra small camping crowd but it will store and give off a nice heat.
    and the guy in the video is pretty adept at shaping metal!

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    He sure is! I tried a small fire in it last night and it worked ok, need to get the right amount of charcoal in it to get it cooking right. My wife told me that one of the house mothers in Kenya thought it was funny thaat all the mazungas (white people) were taking Jikos home with them as they all wanted gas cookers, funny old world.

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