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Thread: Parking / access to river at Hurley (South bank side)?

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    Default Parking / access to river at Hurley (South bank side)?


    Has anyone parked for a couple of hours in the Hurley area recently? Paddlepoints only shows Hurley Car Park, last edited 2011. Looking for an ideal finish location on the south bank to leave cars at, not too far from the river - for this Sunday.

    Many thanks


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    Hurley Car Park is fine for that Simon, I use it fairly regularly (last time was last December), though it is a hundred metres or so from the get out (under the footbridge) down a fairly narrow path. The car park does get very busy, so you'd want to leave the vehicles there quite early. I think its free.

    The other option might be to talk to Hurley Riverside Park camping/caravan site.

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