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    Over the past few days I've been working my way down the River Tees travelling 40 miles from Winston Bridge (The one the Spitfire flew under) to Yarm.

    I approached it in stages and wanted to share with others how incredibly beautiful this stretch is.

    Section 1 - The first section from Winston to Low Conniscliffe wasn't great but the views were worth it - I passed some beautiful rock formations, old railway bridges and a natural spring. This stretch had too may shallow areas and I got flipped over on a small rocky waterfall and lost some equipment. Its took me 6hrs in total - Im pleased I did it but once is enough.

    Section 2 - The next section from Low Conniscliffe to Croft was very scenic - Nice water with the odd fast flowing section to push you along - beware of a weir at Broken Scarr (A big one) once you're pass this, which you must approach from the right hand side, there's another rocky section (concrete barrels) about 100 m down river presenting a real hazed - After that its generally plain sailing apart from one or two shallow areas and a 200m really shallow section under the A66 road bridge at Stapleton - From Stapleton to Croft is where it gets really good - Pure wilderness for 5 miles - I saw a reindeer taking a drink and several swans and a fisherman that smiled. 2.5hrs

    From Croft to Neasham is a nice run - it starts with a fast flume that pushes you under the bridge and there a small weir and a fallen tree to get past but after that its a nice leisurely paddle to Neasham - 2hrs

    Neasham to Lower Dinsdale - Now this is where it gets good - as you leave Neasham the water flows down hill into the most incredible scenic valley - Tree lined, pure solitude, untouched and when you do see signs of humanity it doesn't disappoint, you'll glide past Sockburn Hall, a recently renovated mansion and see one or two beautiful private houses and gardens - you'll also pass under several private footbridges leading to tennis courts accompanying really nice houses - There's a weir near the white house with large windows - I got into a pickle here and ended up swimming... I lost a deck chair and my tea but I managed to save my dog who loves to travel with me (Did). 5hrs

    Lower Dinsdale to Yarm - This section was the easiest ride ive done - apart from a weir 1.75miles after put in, it was plain rowing - The water is deep and wide all the way and ever so quiet - I arrived in Yarm in the dark, on account I set off too late, the railway viaduct and road bridge lit the way and I covered this 9.2mile stretch in exactly 3hrs

    Im knackered today.

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    Sounds like a lovely trip, with just a bit of moving water interest to keep you awake!

    Did you mean to post it in the OCA section? It might get more views under Blogs or Places.

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