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Thread: "To Me , to you.." ....and sad news today.

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    Default "To Me , to you.." ....and sad news today.

    "To Me To You"..they would have made a great paddling duo!....

    Wishing now that I had somehow made contact with these two characters...and somehow managed to drag them along on one our trips....

    Now that would have been a lot of fun!

    An opportunity now gone forever....with Barry Chuckle, of the Chuckle Brothers, sadly passing away on the 5th of August 2018....

    Over the years now as an ex-Falklands Paratrooper, Persian Gulf Commercial Diver, and now some 17 yrs as a Heavy Goods Driver....I have seen, and experienced many one would expect.
    - Losing a few mates along way....But, that's just life.

    With Barry just gone, it feels pretty personal....

    I can't be alone?
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    Keep yer paddles wet, and powder dry....


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