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Thread: Kayaking in Doncaster / Yorkshire

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    Hi all,

    i used to to go kayaking loads when I was younger.

    i have recently bought a itiwit 3 man inflateable canoe for me and my partner

    we went to Rother Valley country park yesterday to test it and it was awesome really well built

    I live in Doncaster South Yorkshire and looking and canels and rivers to go on and any advice would be amazing and greatly appreciated looking for nice scenery and places to go.

    willing to travel anywhere



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    Hello and Welcome!

    The canal from Chesterfield to Worksop (with one gap!) and then on to Retford and the Trent is lovely at times. The stretches east of Retford are particularly nice, and not stuffed full of locks.

    The Idle is a nice river, but might be worth waiting to see if there's a Meet organised for there, so keep an eye on that bit of the forum - there are quite a few active members in the East Midlands and S. Yorks.

    Have a nose through Paddle Points for other ideas.
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    Paddle Points - where to paddle

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