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    If anyone is looking for a waterproof camera case there is someone selling 3 "new" Seahorse SE300 cases on ebay currently. These are similar in size to a Pelican 1200.

    They had 4 but I just bought one - it should fit my micro four thirds camera and a spare lens. I say new because they bought them new for a project, started doing some work on the foam, but then didn't proceed with the project. So for mine there is a bit of foam already cut out but I think it will still be ok to use as to hold my camera in the canoe fine. Price is 41 including postage, although ebay gave me a 10 voucher (no idea why) so I ended up with a pretty decent case for just over 30.

    So if you've been thinking about getting a case this might be worth a look. I am not connected to the seller, just thought I'd pass on a good bargain


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    Just wanted to follow up with pictures of the case that arrived today. The case has a top layer of eggshell foam, and three layers of foam. The two middle layers have had some work done on them by the original owner, but I'm pretty sure I can make this work for my camera. It's micro four thirds so fits fairly snuggly top to bottom, so even if there is a slight gap that allows a bit of movement in a sideways direction it shouldn't move too much. All in a bargain. Now off to the bath to prove to myself that its waterproof...

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