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Thread: Scottish Canoe Wildcamping

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    Default Scottish Canoe Wildcamping

    Hi all,

    I am taking my son up to Scotland over the summer (or what we have left of it) and plan to do some canoe wildcamping. I have previously paddled the Tay, Spey and Caledonian Canal and wild camped on these.

    I plan to paddle on Loch's so I can park the car and paddle to/from the car and would like to wildcamp overnight or possible a couple of nights. When wildcamping, I would prefer to hammock so anywhere wooded would be a bonus or anywhere where i could put up my Tipi if I couldn't hammock.

    I am thinking of paddling on Loch Shiel, Loch Morar and Loch Awe (may even turn into the 3 lake challenge on the trip home).

    Do you guys know the answers to any of the below for the above Lochs:
    Where I could leave my car?
    Where's the best to put in?
    Where to wildcamp and is it hammock friendly?

    Also, do you guys know of anywhere else that would suit what I am after?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi from memory loch morar you can paddle to the islands from the north west shore. A few places to leave your car there as well. Best thing os the islands are a short paddle and all covered in trees . At least one has a small beach. Loch Awe you can park at the castle, hotel or the opposite shore and paddle to islands but a bit of a slog. 1-2k i think. The other end of loch awe you could camp on the island with the haunted castle. As for loch sheil i would say it is more difficult to find somewhere you can use a hammock. you could park at the hotel but it is quite a long paddle to the nearest decent beach. Others will have more knowledge than me. Good luck

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    I was on Loch Awe last week and hammocked every night. I got on at Kilchurn Castle, at the NE end, though Network Rail are doing work on the bridge. The guys seemed very helpful regarding access to the water around the scaffolding. I left the car there with no problem.

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    Personally I'd take the Tipi to help escape the midges and clegs.

    The advice above is spot on regarding Loch Awe, and Morar. There probably are spots on Shiel for hammocks but suspect they're a fair way down. Park near the hotel with permission.

    Paddle Points has many of the launch points for the popular lochs.

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    We parked at Loch Awe Boats (5 night, but you know there's somebody keeping an eye on the car) and put in from there. It's more central so you have choice of routes depending on weather. We had no problem finding hammock sites on Loch Awe.

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    Loch Awe

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    Loch awe has a nice selection of wooded islands, and plenty of interest too with castles and graveyards.

    This may not bother anyone, but the last time i parked at the kilchurn castle car park, when i reached the water i was questioned on how and where i parked. They were fine with me parking there for the day, but i got the impression they arent too happy about people parking overnight or several cars parking there, as it gets busy with castle visitor.

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