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Thread: Solway Dory Expedition Bermudan rig installation thoughts

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    Default Solway Dory Expedition Bermudan rig installation thoughts

    Hi all. I have been reading SOTP for a long time but this is my first post. Through this site I have learned a lot, and I wanted to share the fruits of your labors (oh, labours).

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    I ordered an SD sail kit 3 years back and had it installed on a polyethelyne (plastic) canoe built here in Finland (Welhonpesä Winkkari 17). The sail kit worked wonders, and SD's installation web pages allowed me to get the boat immediately well balanced (between sail and leeboard placement), but the hull flexed a lot. also, the thwarts (mast and yoke where leeboard short thwart was attached) were weak. the boat was also heavy.

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    last winter, i traded up to a slightly larger, wider boat, with 4 seats. It's a Robson Brooks 175, made of Armorlite, a composite of polyethylene and glass fiber. this spring i retrofitted the SD rig to the new boat. hoping to post some photos of the changes and discuss some of the results.

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    I'll start out with the mast thwart. This was originally installed, along with the mast step, using the materials sent by Dave from SD on the green, plastic canoe. I used a single bolt on either end of the mast thwart, and as my canoe was designed with a strip of board along the inside bottom of the hull, i chose for a first attempt to simply screw the mast foot down to this board. overall, the installation worked well, but i worried about the significant flexing of the hull caused by the moment between the mast thwart and the mast step in gusts. also, the mast foot was admittedly poorly installed and rotated around the single screw.

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