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    Hi all ,
    I am from the isle if wight, and at 44 just about ready to turn a very old but regular dream of building and using my own canoe ,
    I have chosen the 16 prospector in cedar strip composite style

    Loving this forum and can't wait get asking inputting and learning

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    Hi Dean and welcome to the forum. In at the deep end with a cedar strip build. Good luck with it and don’t forget to post the pictures.
    "I'd far rather be happy than right any day"..........Slartibartfast

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Look forward to seeing your build progress, do post pictures! A cedar strip is an incredible thing.

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    Well I probably didn't mention it come from a boat building family but never anything like this I don't think it's that difficult if I follow good instructions and study hard the actual process is pretty straight forward ish ?

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    I am going to photograph everything

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