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    Hi all. EeeTea from Essex here . I've been hanging around the forum for a little while as a guest but have finally decided to take the plunge ( hopefully not too literally)-

    I've been kayaking for a while- but the poor old dog gets left behind- no longer. I've just bought a 14' Mega Outlander and shall now indulge myself in this Canadian Canoeing milarky.

    I'm in NE Essex and the first thing to note is not an awful lot of river type access - but plenty of estuary. But have car (and bike). Will travel.
    trying to keep up!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Nice user name, like it!

    The Outlander is an excellent boat, very capable. Enjoy. You've got the Stour nearby at least, a lovely river from Sudbury down to Cattawade, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of other places soon enough. The estuaries are stunning too, with a little thought and planning, and a calm day.

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    Thank you, yes. The stour is pretty. I was sitting in my kayak under a fallen willow. A duckling (almost full size) swam up, with siblings near by. Jumped up onto my kayak right in front of th e cockpit...and proceeded to peck its way along the entire length...nothing too tasty though....hilarious!
    trying to keep up!

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    Hello there welcome to the forum enjoy your stay here make good friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisbeth View Post
    Hello there welcome to the forum enjoy your stay here make good friends
    Thank you!
    trying to keep up!

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