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    Hi, I purchased a palava a couple of months ago, largely based on recommendations from this site and thought Iíd give some feedback Iím using it with my wife (both mid 50ís) as a tender to my sailing boat, and itís working great. Itís much better than previous inflatable tender and more fun as we can go much further and faster. After mooring up or anchoring we can easily inflate the palava on deck in a few minutes and use it to go ashore. Then the following day we would use it to explore the local river, estuary or coastline where we were staying a day or so. Typically we would travel 4-5km, have lunch somewhere and then paddle back to the moorings. Of course it was easier if we got the tides right! Paddling the palava was a bit tricky to start with but we quickly learnt the technique with the help of a few utube videos. I also rigged up a bracket for the seat to take an electric outboard but we only used it once, preferring to paddle. I was initially concerned it may not be stable enough to make getting on and off from boat safe but we quickly learnt how to do it and got used to the way the palava responds and felt safe even in some small waves. All in all, a good buy. Also we think we will use it when away from the boat on the local canals and rivers.😀✔️

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    Hello and Welcome! Also from Woking...

    The Palava is an inflatabe I've rather enjoyed paddling, definitely superior to many. Might see you on the river sometime, there's lots of great paddling round here on the Basingstoke Canal, the Thames, and especially the Wey Navigation and its backwaters.

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    Hi Mal,

    thanks, yes hope to see you. I actually live in Ripley so Wey navigation very close.

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