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Thread: Oddfellows on the Nene

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    Default Oddfellows on the Nene

    It started off quite normally.........Denford War Memorial

    It started off as a strategy and tactics meet-up for a trip to the Missinaibi in a couple of weeks and a re-acquaintance with doubles paddling

    It ended with a Nene sunset to savour

    In between? just descended into a beggaring-about fest

    First up, the decrepit mill at Mill Marina at the end of the Denford backwater - Bisbrooke Hippo (Ian) and Bare Gills (Robin) carry out a full H&S assessment.

    Pronounced sort of safe the double that was meant to practising eddy break ins/outs nosed into position

    Whereupon it sort of got stuck - we'd obviously failed to account for gravity, friction and the none-too-sylph-like figure in the front - c'est moi

    A tadge easier in the single boat

    In between the beggaring about - a lovely day on the main river - Islip Mill at the back

    Maybe next time we'll juggle bottles of Old Speckled Hen across Islip lock but this time Hippo & I settled for demonstrating our patented lock re-entry techniques - after deciding that life was too short to wait for Hippo to lassoo the bollard I trotted over to add my rope hurling skills

    But works.....even with fully laden know we wouldn't risk the liquid ballast

    At Brancey Brook we actually did a bit of what we came for

    Although not before a little bit more beggaring was had - first, make the boat narrow enough by walking it on its edge behind the bollard

    Second - get in position while your mate holds onto the stern like at the start of an Olympic rowing race

    Lastly.....shout yeeeeehaaaa like you're your shoe size not your age

    It's hard not to smile in the sunshine, with good company and the chatter about bears and fishing for walleye in a couple of weeks

    Even easier with a cold can in your hand - or because you've tricked Hippo into looking like Mr Greedy with two cans!

    I may, only may, mind you, have shut my eyes for a moment.........hard work all that beggaring about

    Peartree Farm.....venue for the now infamous Burns Night SOTP a hammocker's dream

    I really have no objection to sitting and watching other people cook me dinner

    Especially when it's a home made beef madras with extra chillis

    Right then, we're off to hopefully catch the eddy before this!

    In the meantime I'll leave you with a lovely Nene sunset.....regards to you all, Dick

    A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope - Epictetus

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    Not entirely sure how representative of challenges to come it was, but most enjoyable anyway.

    I’m a bit jealous of the Canada trip but hiding it well so far. The curry looked excellent as is all the food your private chef prepares for you millud.

    Have a great trip guys. Looking forward to the blog on that one.
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    Loved it from stem to stern!!!!

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    That does look like a top day out!

    I was going to suggest we could have sent somebody along to make bear-like noises in the middle of the night to get you used to it. But I suspect you guys have that covered....

    Have an awesome trip guys, hopefully see you over the summer when you get back.

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    Pretty sure about 99% of my paddling consists of beggering about

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