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    Apologies if this has been answered previously. I want to plan an easy 2 day trip on the Nene starting in the Fotheringhay area (have previously done Thrapston to Fotheringhay) for 3 adults with teenage children. Ideally we would like to paddle 6 or 7 miles each day with wild (or semi wild) camping on one night. Any recommendations and advice would be most welcome. In addition will a windlass lock key get me through the majority of the lock gates en route ?
    Many thanks

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    Hi there,
    Camping - you have Castle Farm actually at Fotheringhay and the next formal site downstream is at Yarwell Mill.
    I have put together a bit of a guide to camping (not a lot), parking & launching (plenty) on the Nene here
    I avoid recommending wild camping sites as what's suitable for me is probably not suitable for a family or large group......there's not a great deal to be honest and anything owned by the Elton Estate is well patrolled.
    You may get an idea what the river is like if you check out my blogs on the Nene - for your trip there is free parking on the outskirts of Peterborough next to Orton Sluice.
    The right windlass will get you part way through locks - some have holes for canal & river or just one of them - but you'll also need an EA key to open the control boxes - or in the case of unpowered locks, unlock the wheel.
    I'd also err on the side of caution if sharing a lock pen with a narrowboat - take a view on the experience of the driver as there's only one winner when it lurches across the pen - having said that, it does save a bit of work, it's just that the hireboat driver may not be that competent.
    If you do look at my blogs you'll see that some locks can be bypassed down pretty backwaters.
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    That site of yours is really helpful....I don't know the Nene, but it's within striking distance, so thank you for doing that!

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