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Thread: River Wissey - any info?

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    Default River Wissey - any info?

    Looking at OS maps and Paddlepoints, Canoe Days Out, the Norfolk River Wissey looks like an interesting paddle. It is an ancient navigation, but what about access points and portages/obstructions? Campsites?

    Any comments welcomed. Thanks.
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    going up stream from the A10:
    Road bridge in Hilgay - public slipway, moorings, easy access. Parking never a problem in village
    Road bridge at Sugar beet factory - probably access, but never used it. There is a big angling club there and a busy road because of the beet factory. No idea of parking.
    Road bridge at ???? village. Campsite allowing access if camping or small fee for parking and launch.
    Above this used to be fiercely contested access over ?Bernard Matthews land. I know people who have successfully paddled it and some who have attempted but not got far.
    It's a lovely river and quite remote though suffers like most fen rivers of tall banks so no view in places. The river really widens out just above the beet factory and is great. Paddling by the beet factory in autumn with the mist, smells and noise is a great experience. Never been any obstructions on this bit of river and no portages.
    Last time I paddled it we had a car at the campsite and one at Denver lock on the great Ouse.



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    Many thanks, Sam. Exactly the sort of information I was looking for. If the warm weather persists, I might well go take a look in the next couple of weeks.

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    Very pleasant two days on the Wissey this last week. Camped at Denver as Grange Farm fully booked and shuttled canoe. Day 1 - Grange farm Wittington down to Sugar factory and back. Day 2 - Hilgay to Sugar Factory and back. Tried to go up river from Grange Farm but quickly found very weed clogged and exhausting work trying to make any progress. Grange Farm good place to leave car and launch, but no children allowed on site. Very rule bound, but looks like a useful campsite. Easy launching at Hilgay with a choice of slipway or bank. Occasional Tupperware boats and narrowboats, but all slowed right down. Environment Agency weedcutters busy at work near Hilgay. Judging by the plethora of signs at the Sugar Factory, touch the bank and risk getting shot!

    Thanks again Sam for the helpful hints.
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