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    Can anyone recommend a seam sealant for the sriching on a tent that will not show on the surface once dry? The only ones that I can see are SeamGrip but from reviews and previous experience it leaves a clear but visible mark. One I have not tried is Seamsure

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    I used seamgrip to repair some tabs that had come off/were coming off my tent. There was absolutely no showing through but as you can see that was on a double layer of the fabric. I dusted them with athletes foot powder afterwards (had no talc!!) so they look a bit messy but they are on the inside of the tent and I can't see them when the inner is on. Strength before beauty! Seam tape be a better idea?



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    You can make your own seam sealer its way cheaper and just the same as the stuff you get in those small tubes you pay a packet for , just mix standard clear bathroom sealant with white spirit about 50/50 use a small brush to paint on the seams on the inside of the tent so marks do not matter, it works a treat , I have used this method for some years now on all sorts of tents and tarps and it has never failed
    Remember to leave for a full day before packing the tent away
    Hope this helps

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