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    Can anyone tell me if your allowed in this area now as over the last two weeks I’ve seen quite a few large groups putting in around Llanellen bridge area and going well beyond the town of Usk , be great to know as I got chased from this area a number of years ago after being told by an irate landowner/farmer that I shouldn’t be on the river , this was just before the agricultural college about a mile past the Chain Bridge Pub .

    Update , I bumped into two of the paddlers today who were having a break further down river at the Newbridge-on-Usk Inn it seems they’re a new group to the area and just took it on themselves to paddle the river , so far they’ve been doing it for nearly 3 months and haven’t been stopped or approached by anyone , I tried to explain to these fellas that they might get some stick but it was a case of so far we haven’t so so what , I’ve given them details of the site so far more knowledgable folks than me will be able to explain to them the understandings and rules regarding access
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    Its true the Lower Usk has traditionally had access issues, however I regularly swim the section just upstream of the college and have never had an issue,

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