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Thread: Hello Everyone from a Yank in Kingston.

  1. Default Hello Everyone from a Yank in Kingston.

    Greetings from Kingston upon Thames! I am very excited to now be registered with songofthepaddle! Growing up in Wisconsin in the USA we went out paddling nearly every weekend in the summer. My parents still have the same Old Town Canoe that my father purchased in 1984 and a welded aluminium racing canoe called a Beaver which was only produced for one year out of Missouri. When I was a bit older my friend and I would head up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota for a couple weeks every summer. Our last trip we went to the Canadian side of the BWCA, the Quetico Provincial Park. Fishing, northern lights, wild camping and wild life! I have lived in London for 12 years now and a few years ago when we moved to Kingson I purchased an inflatable Sevylor which would store easy and get me back on the water. Yikes! It didn't last long, was extremely slow and pretty uncomfortable. Still, me and the family (including 2 young children) got some good memories out of it. Time to get another Old Town I think and it will just have to live in the sitting room.

    I am really excited to be getting back to paddling and to this forum.

    Thanks much!


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    Hi Namesake. I live just outside Kingston and have an Old Town boat which needs, and will have in September, a bit of work, after which I will transport it to a suitable SOTP meet for your family to reconnect

    Impcanoe Peter

    There are some places you might join, to borrow boats or store yours

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I was going to mention the other Peter (Impcanoe) lives near by, has a lifetime of paddling knowledge and is generous with access to his (often changing) fleet of canoes. But he beat me to it.

    Hope to see you on the water sometime, as well as the Thames, the Wey and the Basingstoke canal are great places for a gentle paddle, though its also possible to have an adventure too! Have a nose on Paddle Points too. Its no Quetico, but you'll be amazed how few people you'll see if you explore the backwaters.

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    Welcome Pete

    You like canoeing and you left Canada? Oh dear!!

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    Thanks Impcanoe Peter that is very kind and generous of you! I will keep an eye out for the SOTP events.

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    Thanks Mal Grey for the details of routes and where to find them! The Hoe Down looks especially interesting. I think we walked the Basingstoke Canal once several years ago. Is that the navigation with a series of lovely locks close together?

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    Hi David Perry,

    I do miss my trips to the BWCA (even the mosquitos and epic portages) but I have found canoeing on the Thames to be very satisfying in a different sort of way; offering a view of the Thames most people don't get to see. Paddling through history as it were! Besides, I can't say I mind being able to paddle to a pub...

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    Sorry for the delayed response everyone. I had to help with some events at the kid's school!

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    Hi and welcome

    i have nothing to add on UK paddling or Old Towns but did note your origins and the fact your intro was posted on 4th July. Very apt, happy Independence Day.
    Open Canoe hire/outfitting in the Massif Central
    ”We will make your trip work”

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    Thanks MarkL!

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