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Thread: How do I organise a canoe trip for 16 people on the River Lune?

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    Default How do I organise a canoe trip for 16 people on the River Lune?

    Hi all,
    I am organising a weekend away in Kirkby Lonsdale with some friends next year. We'd love to go canoeing on the River Lune on the afternoon of Friday 17th May 2019, but are struggling to find a local company who might be able to help us organise this.
    I grew up nearby so have seen people canoeing around Devil's Bridge many times, and from my google searches this forum popped up so I thought it might be a good place to ask!
    Would anyone happen to have any contacts in the area who might be able to take out 16 people for a half day's paddling around Kirkby next spring? I'm thinking the stretch of river either down from Killington to KL or from KL to Gressingham.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I'm not sure if the Lune will have enough water in late spring most years? Somebody else may know. Nor am I aware of any local hire (though it may exist, I don't really know the area well), so you'd also be looking at the logistics (and possible impact on costs) of moving 8 canoes at least, from somewhere else. If I'm honest, that might be a big ask for a hire company.

    Its possible that a local-ish club might be able to at least advise.

    Not much help really! Impressed with how far ahead you're planning though, I don't know where I'm paddling this weekend...only that I will be.

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    You've also got the implications of taking that many people out. You'd likely need two coaches?

    If you're on Facebook check out Calder canoe centre. I know he had a fleet of canoes and Andy knows the area well living locally.

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    Most coaches will take 42 passengers. I know you can get smaller ones but whatever you hire, I don't think it will be necessary to get two.

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    Daz at Windermere canoe kayak may be able to help with this one

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