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Thread: Hi all, what an amazing resource!

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    Default Hi all, what an amazing resource!

    Hi, I am based in Leicester.

    I am currently looking to get my first canoe. I have wanted one for years, but have never quite got around to it.

    Last year I got all hyped up to do my first trip down the Wye, I couldn't afford to buy a canoe so I made a stitch and glue one instead (picture below, before seat was put in). My dad became ill that summer as I was building it, so the trip got put on the back burner.
    In the end I was glad I didn't take it on the river as it sits very low in the water! So this year I am going to bite the bullet and buy one.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for this website and keeping it maintained, it is such a good resource.




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    Hi Dan,

    Welcome, and I hope you find a suitable boat. It looks as if you made a good job of your build, so it's sad the freeboard is too low - is it OK for canals, etc?

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    Welcome to the forums Dan!

    Lovely looking boat, I hope you find a great flat water paddler, to accompany your new planned purchase - you can never have too many strings to your bow!

    Happy paddling!

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    Thanks guys, yes its fine on slow moving water, I just felt I had to be a bit careful. I have only taken it a couple of miles down the canal so far. I think at its lowest point the top of the side is about 100mm of the water so you just have to keep your hips calm

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