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Thread: How do I get my canoe down to the Algarve, Portugal.

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    Default How do I get my canoe down to the Algarve, Portugal.

    Please don't say paddle it !

    Seriously though, I would like to take my 14' Canadian down to the eastern Algarve, Olhao area. Does anyone have experience of shippers/carriers offering a reliable, sensibly priced service. Or is anyone with space, likely to be going that way in the not too distant future.

    I know it could go on top of my car but I am not able to do that.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    I can't offer any personal experience in that part of Portugal - but if you Google 'removal firms UK to Algarve' there's plenty of transport companies on offer.

    Wherever there is an area popular with British expats you'll find transport/removal outfits doing regular runs to and from the U.K. and the vast majority will handle single items. Don't know what you consider a 'sensible' price - but just as a guide, I recently shipped a single item back to the U.K. from where I live in Almeria, Southern Spain, using a local British run outfit. Door to door, my house to an address in Burton-upon-Trent. was 150 euros. The weight of the item was about the same as a canoe, but the volume very considerably less, of course. Hope this helps.


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    Thanks for your input. I have previously looked at quotes from various shippers and as you rightly suggest the volume of the item invites a higher cost quote.
    I still have other quotes outstanding.

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    hope you get this sorted..... we had a 4 day SUP camping trip from Faro to Mertola back in April & had a great time.
    Along the Rio Formosa and over the bay to Vila Real de Santo Antonio then up the Guadiana river to Alcoutim & Mertola

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