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Thread: 2018 August Bank Holiday on the Broads

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    Default 2018 August Bank Holiday on the Broads

    Nick has pencilled in the weekend of the Bank Holiday, 25th - 28th August, to go to Barton Turf - no bookings yet but you're all welcome. Booking forms are at (You may have to amend the text to get the days right)

    Please note though that the site is in theory CLOSED up to the FRIDAY NIGHT to anyone except Scout and Guide groups, so most of you will need to plan to come in on Saturday. That said, I see no reason why people should not be able to stay into the next week
    (but not the following weekend as we have 100+ children in, with their parents)

    Anyone who must come in before Saturday 25th will need to note:
    a) They will need a clean DBS check, and we'll need details at least 2 weeks beforehand so scout leaders can check if they want to.
    b) They will be camping in the front field and not permitted to move onto the main site until Saturday lunchtime
    c) There may be restrictions on access to the buildings, and we won't be doing any catering.
    An alternative may be to pitch on the commercial site in Neatishead,, but they may be fully booked.

    Look forward to seeing you
    Simon & Sheila

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    Thanks Simon,

    I will chase along the bookings. Defintely Angelika and me.

    Get Paddling!


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