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Thread: FS: Novacraft 16' Prospector TuffStuff — Used twice

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    Default WITHDRAWN: Novacraft 16' Prospector TuffStuff — Used twice


    (Sorry the title echoes Duck Feet's recent entry, but that's what it is ;-) )

    NOTE: as eagle-eyed member GDD points out, it is TuffStuff Expedition not the vanilla version. But I'll leave the price as is, so it's even more of a bargain ;-)

    Bought in October 2015 with a small bequest to satisfy my lifelong dream of becoming Hiawatha. Alas, while I love canoeing, I live in central central London and have had to store the boat at the mother-in-law's house in Cambs. The reality of going from London to Cambridge, fixing the canoe on the car with all accoutrements, driving to somewhere pleasant, bimbling about, then doing it all again in reverse, has meant it hasn't really happened much. Like once [hangs head in shame]. I've also had a torn rotator cuff in right shoulder, and a knackered back. Finally, I've downsized from my Defender to a Fiat 500 — and no you can't put a 16 foot canoe on one of those.

    Basically, I had a terrific 3 days in Snowdonia with Ray Goodwin in Feb 2016 then one outing later that summer, and have not used since then. It's been in storage safely in a barn (see pics, barn also stores paintings, books etc, so a decent environment). I'm still young enough to be absurdly disappointed that it has to go, but old enough to recognise that it has to.

    A few details:

    • Desert White (where do they get these names?!)
    • Skid-plate
    • Manufacturers' stated weight: 59lbs / 27kg
    • Kneeling thwart (not fitted, still in postal wrapping)
    • A few marks on the bottom, which I've tried to show in pics, but they are really 'marks' and not 'scratches'.
    • Gear I can throw in if anyone wants: some paddles, a couple of life-jackets, a dry bag in rucksack form etc

    Photos are on this Flickr gallery, including a couple of rather nice action shots taken by Ray Goodwin.

    It cost me about £2,100 from Norfolk Marine (with the skid plates, which were already on). I'm looking for £1,350. I am in London, canoe is in Cambs, between Cambridge and Newmarket.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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    I think the registration plate shows it as being tuffstuff expedition, which is a higher specification than tuffstuff

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    By George, you're right. No wonder I found it a trifle heavier than I had a expected. Will update. Thanks for spotting.

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    Hi I would be really interested in having a look please. When would you be able to do this, either yourself or someone else who could show me?
    Thanks. Jim

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    Sorry not sure how the private message system works here but please feel free to reply to if the boat is still for sale. Thanks

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    Dottore, Replied to you PM. Let me know if you don’t see the message.

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    Hi Dottore,

    I would be interested if it’s still for sale?

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    Hi Dottore,

    I would be interested if it’s still for sale?

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