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Thread: Pack the right food for 2 people / 6 days

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    Question Pack the right food for 2 people / 6 days

    Hi hi,
    I've planned 6 days on the Spey next month.
    Route here, but launching around Newtonmore.

    I'll be taking a saucepan to cook in.

    What sort of food do you take with you?
    What's best to leave at home?
    Any secret hints or tips?

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    Hi Tribes,

    I'm just back from a week's paddling on the River Obra in Poland where we had exactly the same challenge. One pot meals are the way ahead, with jarred dinners being ideal. The Polish section of your local supermarket is a good place to start. Breakfasts were rolled oats brought to the boil with UHT milk and some dried fruit added. Lunches of oatcakes and pate/Shipham's sandwich spreads are a good bet too.

    If you fancy having a chat for more details, drop me a PM and we can exchange telephone numbers.

    Hope this helps.

    Robbie & Steph

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    The spey valley is hardly uninhaited wilderness - an AMEX card an a good pub guide should do.
    This post may vanish at any moment.

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    Ive paddled the Spey a couple of times now and have found steak and jackets potatoes on the campfire to be the best.

    Its all good on the Spey.

    Hope you have a great trip.

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