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    Default "Hello" from Bristol

    Hi hi,

    I'm planning a trip on the River Spey in June.

    Hoping to tap in to the extensive knowledge that's been shared here already and hopefully add something back to the community as my experience grows.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    The Spey is a lovely river, enjoy.

    I've only done Grantown to Spey Bay, but as that includes all the main bouncy bits, should give you an idea: There's nothing to get too worried about, but it would be advisable to get some moving water practice in before hand if you haven't already got some. Its also a bit level dependent, it was low for us and lots of rock dodging but not many "swampy" wave trains.

    Many of the useful features, get outs etc are on Paddle Points:

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    Hi Mal,

    I literally just scrolled through your journey.

    The Spey looks like a good combination of environments and challenges.
    Shame about the Talisker!

    Thanks for answering the Paddle Points question too

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