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Thread: Wanted Quality Loved Cedar wood and Canvas Canoe

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    Default Wanted Quality Loved Cedar wood and Canvas Canoe

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a loved (used) quality cedar wood and canvas canoe. Ideally, a solo canoe but I am open minded. I am based in the Lake District.

    If you can be persuaded please kindly PM so that we can discuss.

    Many thanks


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    Hey up George,
    Now i know this is not in your part of the world but there is a gathering of the of The Wood Canoe Heritage Association at Beale Park next weekend, there will be all sorts of canoes there...many wood canvas. I don't know if any of the canoes there will be for sale but it is a good event to make contact with the owners of these great boats.
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    Hi George, did you get my PM?

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