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Thread: New paddler on the water intex explorer k2

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    Wink New paddler on the water intex explorer k2

    Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying the recent weather , I joined this forum a couple of months ago and thought it was time I added to it, I am very inexperienced and have been wanting to get into paddling for some time , I recently purchased an inflatable kayak the intex explorer k2 for myself and my fiancée to get out the house and onto (or into) the water and intending on short camp trips on some inland water islands, I have only had this kayak for less than a month but I've managed a few paddles at my closest loch ( castle semple lochwinnoch) and we done a 1 night camp on inchconnachan island in loch Lomond, so far I'm absolutely loving it, it is so easy to set up and put down and stable enough for brand new paddlers to feel confident and safe in the middle of inland waters, I initially got this boat as a cheap way of getting into the water and if we liked it which we do start looking into getting a nice wooden canoe, as a complete but honest novice I can see the pros and cons of this boat already so I thought I'd let make a first timers review for other begginers like myself to read and hopefully help in making their decision on whether it is worthwhile for them , here goes...

    It's an absolute bargain and I honestly don't think I could get better new for the money, £80 got me a 10ft twin kayak with 2 double oars which can be broken down into 4 single oars if you want to paddle more canoe style than kayaking ( this is good if getting wet is an issue as I found even with drip rings I still get wet legs and head with 2 paddles being swung overhead) it also comes with a good pump to inflate it and a skeg to help track straight, a good size storage bag which comfortably holds the boat,seats,oars and pump and will fit in the back of a small hatchbacks boot, set up takes about 20mins on my own and putting it all way is around the same, on the water it feels very stable even loaded with camping gear to the point we had to hang our feet over the edge to fit in, solo paddling is easy enough for me when its calm or a little headwind although in strong winds it does take a lot of work to move forwards and if you stop paddling it will be blown in reverse , to be fair I think it would have been challenging to paddle any boat in that wind although a hard bodied I imagine would cut through better, it tracks well enough for a cheap boat and it will go where you want it to although it doesn't take much effort to turn direction so forwards feels like a little bit left and a little bit right as you go, its not a major problem but obviously there are more efficient canoes out there ( also more expensive ), I have used this kayak a total of 5 days about 3 hours paddling each day and it hasn't let me down, I do try my best to avoid sharp objects and rocks but it has had a good few pebble beach landings and doesn't have any signs of damage yet, it is supposed to be puncture resistant but I wouldn't want to take that chance with any inflatable craft, overall I'd say if your like me having no experience and looking for something for inland waters that's stable/ safe ,big enough for 2 adults although pretty cramped if you have a lot of camping gear etc but can be done, easy to store and not too expensive you should get an intex explorer k2, the only kit you need other than what's in the box is lifejackets and I found it helps to have some length of rope for docking. It could also be handy if someone was to fall overboard. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review and any potential inflatable paddlers can make a more informed decision of what first craft to buy , hours of fun for weekends to come for under £100

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    We had two of those with many happy hours spent on the local rivers. A word of caution though: our first one split while inflating it on a hot summers day. Used the gague provided but side bladder seam burst, so got a refund as the repair kit was useless. Luckily brother in law was selling his so we got the second one from him, and inflated more cautiously. Very useful product for the money wit good paddles, but now have open cockpit rigid kayak so have to inflate my handi-rack roof bars instead now. Yes they do wander somewhat in the wind compared to rigids. Enjoy!

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