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Thread: Hidden in Fidden By The Midden (Just Kidden'!)

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    Cool Hidden in Fidden By The Midden (Just Kidden'!)

    While the rest of the country was apparently being hit by a heatwave of such proportions that a shortage of 99's had been declared and the donkeys on Blackpool beach had to be given mouth to mouth resuscitation (probably) Mrs P. and meself headed over the sea to, well Mull actually, where things were a bit different. Temperatures were struggling to get into double figures and wind speeds were struggling to drop below them. And then there was the rain - yet again I had shown my lack of meteorological knowledge when planning our "summer" hols!

    Spotting an easing of the conditions we decided to put on our woollies, splash on some factor minus 10 and head up the road to one of the many local beaches for a paddle.

    Bank Holiday Monday, Mull Stylee

    Pre Paddle Yoga/Found A Penny

    Actually I was just putting me skirt on (does my bum look big in this?)
    and we were soon on our way to explore the coves and skerries of Fidden.

    Fidden Rock

    Leader Of the Pack

    I Will Follow

    Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost


    The seals round these parts seemed a bit more reserved than others we've met before.
    Or maybe we hadn't followed the proper pinniped protocol.

    Big Rock

    2001: A Space Odyssey 2018 Redux

    Worst Hide And Seek Player EVER!

    Big Lump Of Pink Granite

    Soon it was time to head out to sea (a bit) to see what was in the next bay.
    As it looked a bit choppy I did what any gentleman would do and let Mrs. P. go first.

    Lead On, Mrs.P.

    To The Rough Stuff

    It Felt Rougher Than That - Honest!

    Not many pictures of our "open sea" crossing as the bumpy sea forced a choice between photographical journal evidence or paddling to stay upright. I chose paddling!
    We had originally planned to head to Knockvologan (love that name) and the "Kidnapped" island of Erraid but the tide was too low to pass through the Sound and we certainly weren't going around the seaward side!
    So we explored a few more coves before heading back to Fidden.

    Octopus's Garden

    Dead End


    So maybe not the trip we had planned but certainly a most enjoyable way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday, especially as it was finished off with a trip to the Creel Seafood Bar at nearby Ffionphort for some freshly caught crab and fish and chips (no photos sorry - we were too hungry!)

    Thanks for watching

    There's a Bluebird in my heart

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    Love it! It's about time we got together and went to have a look at our local seals and of course a pint with the King afterwards!

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    That does look like a wonderful bit of coast. Nice one.

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    That looks way more fun than getting a tan

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