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Thread: an appeal from a Sue Ryder fundraiser

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    Default an appeal from a Sue Ryder fundraiser

    Hi,in may I'm fundraising on behalf of Sue Ryder by undertaking a trip through Europe in a prospector 17 but have run into difficulties getting to the start point in St Malo as I don't have a vehicle to transport the canoe which the ferry company are insisting upon! due to unreasonable quotes from shipping companies( unless someone can provide any cheaper shipping options/ideas)I'm resigned to asking truck drivers when they arrive at port.

    If anyone is passing, or knows anyone with a large enough vehicle who may be passing,I'm happy to offer a cash sum by way of thanks!

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    I'm just the engine,I'm an ex forces homeless guy who lives on an old seawitch 30,I don't have wild dreams of avarice I just love canoeing

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    Might be worth sticking your planned dates up, mate.

    Also is it critical to go via St Malo, or would other cross-channel routes help you.? Lots of paddlers cross during late spring and summer, and might have roofrack space, but most go via the shorter routes such as Calais.

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