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    Hi all

    I have no experience and no boat so looking for some guidance on how to get started.

    I'm interested in doing some exploration, having a few adventures and meeting some new people. I like camping, cooking, peace and quiet and the company of like minded folk.

    I live near Guildford Surrey and will presumably be in the market for a new boat if I get the bug. Boat should be suitable for 1 or 2 people and capable of taking a reasonable amount of camping gear.

    Regards to all


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    Hello and Welcome!

    Well, sounds like you've got the right idea, and paddling works perfectly with camping.

    I'm near Woking, and there are quite a few of us around the area, so keep an eye on the Meets section. There's one on Thursday, for instance, you might be able to blag a seat, or even just come along and see a few different types of canoe.

    There's a club on the Wey in Guildford, though they're generally more race and/or kayak than open canoe.

    Second hand can work well, canoes keep their condition well, but also their value!

    New canoe wise, the nearest decent shop is probably Whitewater Canoe Centre at Shepperton who are generally very helpful.

    As for places to paddle, there are loads nearby, on the Wey, Thames, Basingstoke Canal etc, etc. Have a look on Paddle Points.

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    Hi and welcome! Being based near Glasgow, we’re a long way from Guildford but if you’re up this way there’s a spare boat or a space in a boat for you (bro). We’ve always found a great welcome from people on SOTP and the Thursday trip sounds like a great intro.

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    Hello James and welcome to the forum. Your timing for a new canoe is excellent.

    From the 1st to 3rd of June the Boat and Outdoor Show at Beale Park near Reading is being held. We will be taking a stand and will have the full range of Apache Canoes to try out.

    However, it's not just us. The Open Canoe Association has a meeting there on the same weekend and other manufacturers such as Silverbirch, Venture and Hou also bring along their boats to try out.


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