Dear canoe sailors,

You may remember, we are looking for a light canoe for two, which I would also like to use solo with the "Solway Expedition Rig".
Today we were able to do test rides with several canoes and came across the "Nova Craft Bob Special".
We would like this canoe very much in size and weight.

The material of the "Bob Special" is TuffStuff.
Unfortunately it has small buoyancy bodies in the stern and bow (see picture).

Now some questions about the installation of the "Expedition Rig".

  • What is the best way to attach the keelson? (How to glue?)
  • Can I drill a fist-sized hole in the float to mount the plastic bar for fixing the rudder?
  • What is the best method to drill TuffStuff?

Every answer is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,