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Thread: Fitting knee/thigh pads to a kayak

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    Default Fitting knee/thigh pads to a kayak


    I have an older recreational kayak and I was wondering how to go about fitting knee/thigh pads to it. There seems to be different teminology used online with some sites referring to them as knee braces or pads, and others as thigh braces or pads.

    For clarity, I mean the padding that my knees/thighs will press up against when my feet are pressed against the foot rests and my legs are slightly bent at the knees.

    I've done some searching and the only pre-made pads I've found available online in the UK are these: (although they also have a more expensive ratchet version too). It doesn't look like these would fit.

    I've found these in America: These look much more likely to fit my kayak but I can't find them in the UK.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for either a 'generic' pad set I can buy or a tutorial showing how to make any?

    Alternatively if there's a kayaking forum this should be posted in please let me know. This community has been the most helpful of any I've found, even though it's more canoe focused than kayak.

    Thanks in advance

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    Some details will make for much more useful answers....

    Sit on top of sit on inside?

    Polythene or fibre reinforced?

    Length of the cockpit opening? If any...

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    I'd ask whether you really need knee/thigh pads for a recreational kayak. If you are only paddling flat water almost certainly not. You may find all you really need is some camping mat glued to hull where your knees make contact (like the peel-and-stick knee pads in your second find.) The Pyranha thigh pads are mounted at the side of the cockpit and project into space - to fit the inside of the thighs.

    Do you have any friends who have a white water kayak? Their ww kayak is likely to have thigh pads ...... If you look at you can just see the thigh pads mounted just forward of the middle of the cockpit.
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    Unless you're paddling white water (in which case a recreational kayak may not be ideal) I would recommend against having your knees pressed against anything, or indeed your feet pressed onto the footrest. You do need to push on the footrest on the same side as each paddle stroke, ie, push with your right foot when you pull on your right side, but you should be able to relax each foot when paddle on the opposite side.
    if there's a kayaking forum this should be posted in please let me know
    You could try asking at

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    Thanks for the replies, as always it's really appreciated.

    Since this particular kayak is a pretty basic sit-in kayak perhaps camping mat stuck to the inside is the way to go - thanks for the tip!

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