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    OK - I know the best in Swarovski....and a few others. But, I cannot justify the cost of them. So, I would like to purchase a good spotting scope.....realizing it will not be "the best". My problem is that I am not a professional hunter but sometimes go with my friends and still have a few hunts to make and would like a good scope. I have a great pair of binoculars.
    Would I like to know about the Vortex RazorHD Spotting Scope? Maybe the Celestron Ultima spotting scope?
    Any others that are in that $400 - $800 range....that are good spotting scopes......but not the best.

    So, can I ask for some recommendations from you.....without getting beat up?
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    Can I suggest that this is not perhaps the best place to ask this question? This almost exclusively a paddling (canoes & kayaks) Site and not a more general outdoors sort of thing. Can I recommend a North American hunting/shooting site will be more useful to you.

    I can tell you that personally I use a Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A at the Range, which comes just within your price range, but you'll be better off asking some folks who actually use a spotting scope in the field, because I never have, in 60 years of American hunting, and really can't imagine why I would do so.

    Good luck with your search.

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    I also asked some hunting forums, but have not received any answers yet. And I need it very quickly so I asked here also. If anyone knows about this, then I can get any suggestions by them.
    Thanks for your reply.
    Adam Howard

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    Do you get opticron over there? I have one of the GA ED Scopes and have been using it for around 10 years, I also have a couple of the mighty midget scopes. Another option would be Nikon, something like an ED50. Bird watching forums are a good place for optics reviews.

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    i don't use a spotting scope but have a monocular from vortex. i'm happy with the quality, especially considering the price. not the best, not the most expensive one - but good enough.
    not sure if this is helpful... i agree that a birding forum would be a great source of info, try there maybe?

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    I almost bought the celestron Ultima 80 a while back, but ended up buying one from amazon instead,from chinese brand Gosky. From what i read its pretty much just the ultima 80 with the chinese brand on it instead,but cheaper.
    I would like to see through a Celestron just to compare, but i cant complain really, nice,clear and good zoom.

    Zoom ring is a bit stiff is the only niggle i have really. And the tripod that came with it is pretty hopeless, but the celestron version comes without anyway.

    Im not a serious user, and i havent used any others to compare with, but id say you wouldnt go wrong with the Celestron or Gosky.

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