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Thread: Heavy Weather Sailing - Adlard Coles

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    Default Heavy Weather Sailing - Adlard Coles

    This is about much larger craft, but contains a genuine wealth of knowledge and one canoe tale.

    The stuff on weather interpretation is invaluable and the preparation strategy should give anyone on open water pause for thought.

    Borrow it if you can.
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    At one stage of my earlier life it was on almost permanent loan from our library to me. full of good stuff

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't know if had useful stuff for non-sailing craft. My parents had a copy* but I didn't read it in detail as I was mostly into climbing then. I think my brother has it now. I shall ask him if I can borrow it.

    *They briefly had two copies, having each chosen it as a Christmas present to the other.

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