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Thread: Seeking Camper Roof Bars advice

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    Default Seeking Camper Roof Bars advice

    Looking for advice if anyone has any experience of getting their canoe on the roof of a LWB Vauxhall Vivaro. I have a sky light and solar panel in the centre of the roof which will potentially get in the way of the roof bars but doesn’t seem to look impossible.

    Any my shared experiences or words of wisdom greatly received.

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    Used to have an Adria Twin on a Fiat Duccato panel van. Got a commercial rack made up, galvanised, then put a set of Thule commercial bars across [same dimensions, but heavier gauge steel than the standard]. No problems with x2 skylights, but no solar panel.....
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    Thanks for the info. I was going to post a picture of my van's roof but still can't work out how to post a pic!! :-)

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