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Thread: 18 month canoe trip

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    So,worosei wants to canoe to the Black Sea and return via the med,hugging the coast,poor weather inhibits somewhat during the winter but hey ho,you can't have everything,will worosei survive? It's a tad under 14,000 km and I fear my mental health may suffer somewhat

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    That sounds like an ambitious trip. I hope you're able to record it and write it up for us here. It would be a great opportunity to meet like-minded paddlers across the continent. (Which also might help preserve your mental health, and local knowledge might help with tricky stuff like getting across borders--I wonder how the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean has affected the ability to cross EU/non-EU borders by sea in the Med.)
    You know there is an international voyage down the Danube for a couple of months every summer, don't you? Might be a good way to travel in company and be hosted much of the way. And if you're interested in others who have done similar sorts of distance, you could look up Oskar Speck:
    Will you paddle all the way, or would you take a sail for when the weather is suitable?

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    Not so very many years ago A. J. Mackinnon journeyed from North Wales to the Black Sea by rivers and canals. He did it in an elderly Mirror dinghy - but it could just as easily have been a canoe or kayak. You don't say which you plan to use, worosei.

    His book 'The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow' describes his journey in detail. Only this evening I posted a thread in the Media section of this forum about the book.


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    Hi, I intend to paddle until the Danube Estuary then coastal hop, weather permitting, using a portable sail I made using the remains of a dome tent that expired during an earlier trip, will jury rig an outrigger on the way in case stability becomes an issue
    I've found the canoe remarkably good against tidal waters when fully laden, although still anticipate some issues in that regard!

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    Thanks Nick I'll have a look at that, any scraps of info will prove very useful
    I plan to use a prospector 17,but will have to modify along the way, spray cover, sail and outrigger

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