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    I have an inflatable that needs zippers replace, has anyone been down this route?

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    If you're thinking of fixing it yourself you might try asking in, which has a very self-reliant community of folding- and inflatable boat users. What materials and glue you need will depend on the material the inflatable is made from. There are UK sources of hypalon and PVC and TPU materials. One possible (non-UK) source of zips and material would be the 'build-your-own' packraft site:
    Good luck with your project and let us know how you get on.

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    I agree with 'idc', the forum is a good place to look for advice.

    You could also try - a blog dedicated to inflatable kayaks. Lots of useful information on there about repairs, maintenance etc.


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    Thanks to NickTQP & idc for your help



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    Do they definitely need replacing? You can sometimes free up zippers using boiling water, a sharp pokey thing and patience (for encrusted salt) or, apparently, white vinegar for general corrosion. Also, McNett does a 'zip care' product that might work https://www.advancedelementskayaks.c...cnett-zip-care (never used it so can't recommend)

    I'm guessing this is for a Sevylor or similar 'bladder' boat?? If so, and if the entire zips do need replacing, they don't need to be anything fancy as the boatskin isn't designed to be waterproof. Maybe take some photos and some measurements and go have a word with a shoe repairer - many of them do luggage and other repairs so may well be able to help.

    There are a couple of products on the market that claim to fix broken zips (Amazon seems to sell a few different types). I've never used one and they do seem to receive mixed reviews but may be worth a try.

    Chris's blog (apaddleinmypack) has got tonnes of helpful advice on it but I don't think he's got anything on fixing zips (he uses non-bladder boats).

    Good luck

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    Thanks for this The Inflator Iíll have a go at freeing the zips before anything more drastic is considered. Regards Max

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