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    Default Spirit of the Vikings

    I have just read, and enjoyed, this book. Anyone who likes to read about unusual and adventurous journeys might also find it interesting :-

    SPIRIT OF THE VIKINGS. A Journey in the Kayak Bahá'l Viking from Arkosund, Sweden to Odessa, Ukraine.
    Author: David Renwick Grant.
    Publisher: The Long Rider's Guild Press 2007.

    David followed in the wake of the Vikings from Sweden to the Black Sea - an extraordinary journey through eastern Europe.

    And thank you to the person who recommended, on this forum, the book 'The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow' (on another route to the Black Sea) - it was a very good read. Next time I read it will be with a map at my side - as I will do the next time I read 'Spirit of the Vikings'.



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    Sounds good, thanks Nick.

    On Amazon
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