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    You folk know that you don' have to put up with high prices trying to get certain things in life.Some real desirable rare impossible to find things are obtainable if you look outside the box.My last canoe restore project is one example. Having just replaced gunwales and inwales and decks I really wanted to protect the tips of the stems from scuffing.These always suffer so my solution was to put plastic or aluminium end caps on .The problem is all canoes stem tips have different profiles. I looked into this and know some folk play with plastic in ovens and mould their own things . 10 minutes on google showed me a process to achieve this.All that was required was a method to form the end caps.I took a template off my stems and traced it to a piece wood and cut the male profile. Now the plastic I cut from a black polly detergent container.I then cut a female form allowing for the plastics thickness. The next part was to work out how to clamp the hot plastic in the form. That was relativley easy.The plastic I melted at 220 ish centigrade. This makes the plastic very limp and pliable. I basically layed the hot sheet of plastic on the form and pressed the male form block into the female form ,clamped it and allowed it to cool.Hey presto one polly end cap.The trimming and fitting was easy and now I have custom end caps that work fine and even look good.I will take pictures and when able I will post some.

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    You really need to sort out a photo host like so you can post pickies of your fiddlings :-)

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    Eye eye Capt. Big yellow tractor will try.If I can't do it I will get my daughter or grand kids to help .As for me I am pert near computer illitterate.Pretty good with my hands but not so on IT things. Thanks for the reply

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