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Thread: Local canoe manufactures/ designers register?

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    Default Local canoe manufactures/ designers register?

    This is presumptuous of me being a new member and all so please don't take offence.I was wondering why you folk in the Uk don't have a historical register of manufacturers/ designers of canoes of the UK ?.I can get a good amount of material on US and Canadian companies and designers and it is fantastic to have that reference material available .You know that the UK had a big influence on modern recreational canoeing.J H Ruston a founding member of the American canoe association manufactured English style Rob Roy sailing canoes which promently featured in their early events.The same style sailing rigs were also used on many open Canadian canoes in the 19 th century.I myself would like to develop a register/list for Australian manufactures / designers too.Of all the companies that are here now or were here there is some merit in saving their historical influences and ideas . Its worth doing even just for the historical record let alone for the technical knowledge one could gain.Its a big task but I think I will try to do one for the Australian perspective.Just a thought?May be you folk already have one ,if so I will stand corrected.I am keen to hear your opinions on this.

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    There is an active group with a lot of interest in and knowledge of historic uk canoes but don’t have a website link to hand. I suspect their website would have the information. If not it would be good to have it here but not something I’d be able to pull together.

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