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Thread: Sea Eagle Razorlite 393 review.

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    Default Sea Eagle Razorlite 393 review.

    First of all sorry but I couldn't seem to do this in the review's section, please move it if needed thank you.

    Back ground; 45 years in kayaks, surfing, flat water, medium white water and sea kayaks, nothing for 15 years, last year bought two Nomads SOT for me and my wife (beginner), great kayaks but didn't like the roof rack thing and storage so decided to look into inflatables.

    This review is my opinions based on passed experience and compared to the Nomads.

    I came across the cross stitch kayaks from Sea Eagle which are inflaited to 10psi instead of the average 3psi, and got interested, I read and watched loads of reviews all very positive but did say they were a bit tippy. so I bought one last week before buying one for my wife......First impressions was of great quality, under 5 minutes to inflate on first attempt, absolutely rock solid when inflated really comfortable seat, and deflated in under two minutes.

    Soooo, today off we went to a small local lake, first I waded in to break the ice!!!!!
    Initial impression glides well through the water easy to paddle, doesn't turn quite as well as the Nomad but tracks really well, and this is without putting the detachable skeg on, which I don't think I will bother using. It does feel a little tippy but only to a point, I can lean the kayak right over with a trailing paddle and recover no problem. It is definitely faster than the SOT and less effort on movement. I jumped in to check out 're entry in case of a problems. So really impressed.

    Wife's turn!!!!!! Comments....... feels tippy but not over the top, said the paddle definitely feel lighter but I did buy the carbon fibre version seat very comfortable ..... soooo verdict...... Yes please I,'ll have one.

    Two minutes to deflate and fold.

    Negatives....really poor foot strap, so used the feel free lag straps from the Nomads....problem solved.

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    I should imagine since you both desribed it as a bit tippy but OK, that you will both get quite comfortable with them over time, thats the normal way these things go.

    How hard can it be?

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    Yea our thoughts exactly, plus I forgot to mention it was nice and easy to paddle with a single bladed paddle so best of both worlds.

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    Finally managed to get a day off together, so off we went to the river Dee, we did five miles in total but had to reluctantly turn back due to time.
    Having now had a proper go in them we both feel they are just as steady as the sit on Nomads and the so called tippyness was no an issue in any way, they definitely glided through the water better than the SOT,s which made it easier going and the overall impresion we got was less hard work needed to go further.
    The ease of inflation and deflation make the whole experience better and quicker than messing about with the roof rack, plus they are just over half the weight.

    Conclusion (for us) a fantastic purchase with no negatives. They are not the cheapest but you do get what you pay for.

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