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Thread: Charging to pass fishery on the Wye

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisPage View Post
    There is a difference between a tree being down as it fell.... My point was that as paddlers we should be expecting rivers to be manicured for navigation.... If there's an inkling that a move to recognise existing or legislate for new PRN would lead to a huge burden on landowners.
    This feels like deja vu all over again. Nobody is suggesting he manicures the river, just that he refrains from using it as a dumping ground for barbed wire and concrete blocks.

    As for any additional burdens, regardless of whether there is a PRN, the riparian owner already has numerous responsibilities by way of maintaining the river, including, since you mention it, the removal of fallen trees. He also has the responsibility to maintain the natural watercourse, not cause any obstructions that might lead to flood.... etc etc ad infinitum.
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    I received this answer from Geoff:

    Hello Doug

    Sorry for the late response, I only just saw this.

    Thanks for the advice. I am actually only targeting those companies and organisations who are making large sums of money from directing their customers and clients through my property, not the solo paddlers who are of minor concern in comparison.

    People need my permission to paddle through my stretch. This is not my opinion, it is the law. Just because many canoeists feel that the law is ‘wrong’, that doesn’t alter the fact that the law exists - and it’s the same law that should protect you from people abusing your property.

    I hope that my charges will persuade the armadas of hire canoes to launch where they can do so for free (downstream of Hay bridge) and so reverse the situation we now have, where a ‘we can do whatever we like’ attitude has reduced my fishery from that of a beautiful location to a theme park full of screaming day-trippers. This will benefit all those who use and appreciate the river - rather than just those who are profiting from it at all our expense - but especially mine.


    I now asked for clarification on the "law" that everyone in your position and Angling Trust fails to show or declare. I have never come across a law that says it is illegal to canoe on a river in England or Wales.

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