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    Family canoe

    Optimised for the young family with a stable, wide hull and the ability to tackle gentle rivers, lakes and canals with total confidence. Go for the complete package and all you need add is a buoyancy aid for everyone and you're off. Still manageable by a single person for car topping, this will leave those plastic hire boats languishing in its wake. For the most long-lasting finish choose the Ivory boat with vinyl gunwales and seats, all included in the basic pricing.

    Construction: fibreglass with polyester resin lay-up
    Gunwales: vinyl
    Seat: three standard ash wood seats on 16F or two on the 16T
    Yoke: none on 16F or deep dished ash yoke on the 16T
    Colour: choose from Select range.
    Length: 15ft 10in, 4.82m
    Width: 36in, 0.91m
    Weight: 32Kg

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    I recently bought a Tribe 16t from Mark. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure from start to finish. I was working away and Mark kindly bought a demo boat out to me.
    After a swift trial on the Bridgewater canal I was hooked. Compared to my old behemoth of a tub this is a pleasure to paddle and more importantly to car top!
    I can manage on my own and although it's not light at 32kg it is manageable with a bit of technique (which I currently lack).
    We arranged collection from Alderford lake. As we had been away for the weekend I took it home then went out for a paddle on the Trent and Mersey.
    It is a quick boat to paddle solo even with my limited skills! It is slightly less stable than my old one but much more agile and manoeuvrable. The stability is just a matter of getting used to. It really is a pleasure.
    It's been out solo again and tandem the other day after work. Being light enough to lift on my own gets me out more .
    For the money and what I want it for I am chuffed to bits! Highly recommended.
    I will add some more snaps in another thread.

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    I had a Tribe (from Stu) for many years and can echo many of the sentiments. I have now passed it on to my brother but I do retain a soft spot for it.

    It is a stable boat, great in a straight line and into a head wind. it does seem to ride over, rather than through, waves. I have paddled it and sailed it on rivers, lakes and the coast, solo, with my wife and fully loaded with three toddlers. I wouldn't necessarily say it was "quick" to paddle but it is certainly faster than many plastic boats.

    The downsides are that it is heavy (although lighter than many plastic boats) and turning is relatively difficult (although it did force us to learn good technique).

    NB. the 36" width above seems wrong... I think mine was closer to 32" (at the gunnels) but I couldn't be sure and it might be that Mark sets them up differently to Stu.

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    Great to hear the positive impressions of your Tribes chaps, thank you. Typically the canoe is set up at 32-33 inches wide. As this is the measured length of the yoke, by the time you add the gunwales it could measure about 33inches overall.
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