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    Hello, back after a bit of a break been too busy to have many adventures recently

    Does anyone know what the score is with this company? I'm after one of these... Looks a little more stable and like there's a little more space in the fire bowl than the mkettle and I like that it has a proper spout.


    I can't find them for sale anywhere that looks genuine. I've finally managed to find what looks like the manufacturer's website and it says they're in stock, but the name of the website looks a bit dodgy. Does anyone know if this is genuine?


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    Their website says

    "Don't fancy ordering on-line? No problem!

    Just ring us on 01472 840888
    We'll be more than happy to answer your questions"

    Perhaps you should do just that

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    I thought about that but a scammer will just say so the right sounding things won't they?

    Was hoping someone here might know for example that either the company ceased trading years ago so it's probably a scam or they're having trouble with their domain name and using a free website provider in the meantime, so it's probably safe.

    It says you can pay by PayPal, so contemplating risking it.

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    Go carefully - the phone number does appear to belong to the Tornado Boiler Co, but the link below says the company was dissolved on 14 November 2017

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    Thanks Chris, I'd literally just found that too! And the phone number is no longer active.

    What a shame, looked like a fabulous product

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    Oooh, just found the Eydon DS which is basically the same. Not fully on sale yet, but John from the Eydon Kettle Company was very helpful and posting it out tomorrow. Great price too.

    Super excited!

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    I have a small and large Kelly kettle but was contemplating and m kettle as I like the idea of using with a trangia burner sometimes.

    What made you choose the DS kettle over an m kettle?



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    Sorry Ewan, only just seen this...

    It was two things.

    First the base is wider which looks like it will be more stable and give a little more surface area to get a good base of hot embers, which I'm hoping means it's easier to keep going. We also often grill a snack on the embers after boiling our water.

    Second, it has a spout like a standard ghillie kettle. I found the mkettle splatters boiling water in all directions making it a little tricky to pick up and not ideal if my boy is sitting nearby. With our bigger ghillie kettle, he knows to always approach it from the side without the spout if he's coming to put sticks in, but with the mkettle that technique wasn't enough to protect him from splatters if he arrived just when it started boiling.

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