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Thread: Canoefest 2018

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    Default Canoefest 2018

    As in previous years we will arrange trips, coaching and workshops throughout the event for full days and half days.
    We are also exploring the possibility of putting on short evening workshops. If you have a topic that you wish someone to help you with, just post it here and we will do our best to arrange.
    Typically we will have space for a second had kit sale so bring along anything that you wish to sell, swap or give away! It normally helps is you label up kit with your details so people that wish to purchase can find you!
    We will be working on the event program during Febuary. If you have any thoughts on content or have any special request now is the time to let us know.
    The target is to have Bookings open late February/ early March.
    OCA Canoefest Team.


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    All booked looking forward to it!

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