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Thread: 1938 Peterborough Model 20 Repair Questions

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    Hi there! I'm new to the forum, but have recently become the owner (temporary steward?) of my grandfather/father's 16' 1938 Peterborough Model 20 at my Dexter, Michigan home. Happy to say that the canoe itself is in pretty great repair, as are the spars, etc. The rigging and lateen sail, however, are another matter. I may have a line on a place here in Michigan to get a sail made, but I had some questions on rigging suggestions. To my understanding, this canoe needs replacement of the following: main sheet, halyard, sail lashing (for lack of knowing a more correct term), and the whipping attaching the awesome old wooden fairleads to the boom. I have found some advice on what sort/size of line to use for the main sheet and halyard (but would always welcome more), but have been able to find very little info on what to use for attaching the sail to the boom and yard, or estimating approximate length of line needed. Any help that anyone could lend would certainly be appreciated.

    Also, I'd be very interested in any information anyone can provide about the sail assembly itself. Unlike a "traditional" lateen, the point of attachment for the boom to the mast is not about 20% of the way down the boom, with a hook or gooseneck. The actual point of attachment is where the boom and yard meet, where there is a brass yoke projecting out in front of both. As far as I know, this is original hardware, but I've never (in my admittedly limited experience) found a lateen sail mounted this way, though there do seem to be other styles that do this, generally for four-sided sails, though. This assembly would appear to either leave the yard/halyard attachment point well away from the mast when assembled and ready to sail, or would bring the boom up at a much greater angle than seems to be common for lateen rigs. Which is correct?

    I'm more than happy to provide any further information that is needed. Given the current state of the weather in Michigan, photos are a bit hard to come by without sticking the old girl out in the snow!



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    Hi Brad,

    If you were to join and sign up on the WCHA website you will get some good information about this. Benson Gray whose family owned Old Town is bit of an expert on their silting canoes and rigs.

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