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    Default Sailing canoe camping

    After building the canoe, racing it last year, this year is about getting ready for cruising and camping in it. I've been ill for quite a while, which meant I had ample time so browse through videos, and sort out my camping gear. I love my 500 gramme D&D tarp, which I set up on the mast for sleeping in the boat. My cook pot is another thing I love, very small, light and simple, but it will not make gourment meals. Overall, my gear and boat count up to 70 kilos. Just about my own weight. This is my gear list.

    Canoe (including floatation, blocks, lines, etc.) 30.2
    Camping gear
    Sleeping (bag, mat, tarp) 3.5
    Clothing 3.8
    Sailing gear (drysuit, boots, hat, underfleece, etc.) 3.5
    Food 3-4 days 2.6
    Electronics, fuel, cook kit 2.6
    Water 5
    Subtotal 21
    Sailing gear
    Chair 1.8
    Anchor 0.28
    Plank 1.8
    Rudder plus stock 2.3
    Leeboard 2.5
    Jib 0.5
    Canoe cart 1.4
    Mast 2.4
    Sail, boom, yard 4
    Bailer, sponge 0.2
    Protection mat, blanket 0.4
    Paddle double 0.9
    Paddle single 0.57
    Dodger 0.2
    Subtotal 19.25
    Total 70.45

    I'm planning to start my season now. This is a video of my first camping trip, going from a cosy hotel to camping on one of the many spots on the canals and lakes in Friesland, Netherlands. Hoping to do more trips soon

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    A nice video account of your trip, I really enjoyed watching. Was that using your Artemis sailing canoe?

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    Thanks Dave. Yes, this was done with the Artemis. Seeing Axel's trips with this canoe was one of the reasons for getting this boat. Croatia, Elba, Italy...

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    Hi Wildetukker,

    I enjoyed watching the video and listening to your account of the journey.

    Your canoe sails very well.

    Thanks for sharing,

    When there's trouble on shore, there's peace on the wave,
    Afloat in the White Canoe.
    Alan Sullivan

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    Thanks Doug,

    Yes, I'm trying to set up my boat as a fast and capable cruiser )



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    Default Another trip: cooold!

    Last weekend I did another trip, it was cooold!
    I'm sorting out my gear some more, as getting cold is not really necessary I'd think, and I don't want to wait for summer. You can wait for ages anyways over here in the Netherlands ��
    Hope you like the video, there's more on my hard drive that need editing.

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    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you managed to get warm in the end!

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