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Thread: Gunwale Clamps or Ratchet Straps?

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    Default Gunwale Clamps or Ratchet Straps?

    I love looking at DIY canoe sail rigs
    I have seen canoe sailors use gunwale clamps to fasten their sail rigs to their canoes
    Others have used ratchet straps that clamp on one side of sail rig go under the hull onto the other side of the rig.
    The gunwale clamps are nice, but do they hold the sail rig tight enough in place for all the force that is applied to them when sailing?
    The ratchet strap,besides looking tacky strapped around the hull of the canoe, looks like it would hold the sail rig pretty well or does it loosen up eventually when sailing?
    This looks like my only 2 options to attach a sail rig to my canoe.
    I don't want to drill in my fiberglass canoe if I can help it.
    Looking for opinions from canoe sailors who have used these 2 types of attachment methods and how well they worked when sailing.

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    Never had a strap round the boat with anything to do with sailing, only when the thwart broke, but it made a massive amount of drag; Can't imagine that would help your sailing performance.


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