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Thread: Halo from kayaker in Leicester

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    Default Halo from kayaker in Leicester

    Hi guys newby from Leicester I am in process of purchasing a kayak first time to the water a few weeks ago and loved it, any recommended river/ canal routes? I am also hoping to go from Leicester to Nottingham so again a good route would be appreciated.

    Any events or groups around these parts?

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    Hello and Welcome!

    There are quite a few active paddlers in your area, keep an eye on the Meets section. They often meet at Barrow-upon-Soar, we've had a few fun weekends there this year.

    This was the biggest meet:

    Cankay is normally the man who steps up and organises stuff, all very much welcome.

    Have a look here, getting to Nottingham should be easy enough, via the Soar, Trent and Beeston Canal:

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    Thats great thanks will keep eyes open for events - how long do you think from leicester to nottingham route? and in terms of things I need to be aware of, weirs, locks etc is there any advise for a newby

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